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Things to do in the Langhe


In the heart of Piedmont, were the hills are so stunning they have become part of the Unesco World Heritage, the Langhe wine country emerges

Any place on earth, in order to enjoy it fully, cannot just be visited: it must be experienced. Every land has its own story to tell and the story of the Langhe is written in the vineyards, in the wineries, in the strongholds and in the castles; in the historical towns that often are more than a thousand years old yet still intact, among hazelnut trees and rows of vines.

Here is what those who love wine, truffles, the serenity of vineyards, and breathtaking sceneries should do during a long weekend stay.


The 10 things to do in the Langhe

Visita alle cantine e ai vigneti con degustazione

1. Winery and vineyard tour with tasting

During a weekend dedicated to winery visits, allow yourself to wander around the hills, admiring the beauty of this land, a land where some of the most renowned Italian wines come from, from Barolo to Nebbiolo to Barbera d’Alba. The wines are waiting to be tasted and to be taken home, whereas the wineries pay fair homage to the land and give you the opportunity to walk amongst the barrels while learning a story of patience and excellence.

2. Truffle hunt

This is the right motivation to get off the couch and take a trip down here: a plate of “tajarin” with freshly shaved truffle and a glass Barolo. What’s more authentic than a good old truffle hunt, with an experienced truffle hunter and his loyal dog, immersed in autumn woodlands, mystic fogs, and the distinctive smell of damp earth? Furthermore, if it’s white truffles we’re talking about, a stop at the International White Truffle of Alba Festival is a must.

Caccia al tartufo
Pic-nic nelle vigne

3. Picnic in the vineyards

If you’re walking around the Langhe and through vineyards as they take their seasonal colors, you’ll surely be tempted to lay a red-checkered tablecloth on one of these gentle slopes for a traditional outdoor meal whilst being in full contact with nature. A picnic in the vineyard could, in fact, be one of the most authentic bucolic experiences of your life. The only thing left to do is to find the right winery and the job is done.

4. Harvest with the family

What’s better than a Sunday with the family and surrounded by the elegant hills of the Langhe? This land should be experienced to its fullest, including the vineyards, and the harvest is the most magical moment in the Piedmontese vine-growing tradition. All that you need to do is immerse yourselves in nature, listen to its sounds, in an ancient atmosphere, between the rows of vines and the tales of the farmers. At the end of the day, you will, of course, be entitled to a tasting of the results of your hard work.

Vendemmia in famiglia
Corso di cucina piemontese

5. Cooking course

Other than for its renowned wine production, the Langhe can be proud of a culinary tradition that makes it a famous food and wine tourist destination, thanks to the excellence of its products. The White Truffle of Alba, the Nocciola PIemonte IGP are important names, but they are not the only ones. To attend a cooking course with a chef, followed by a tasting of the dishes, paired with the most prestigious wines, will be a wonderful experience for your taste buds.

6. Cooking show

Visit a historical winery, allow yourselves to be transported by wine tales as fascinating as Barolo DOCG or Langhe Nebbiolo DOC themselves, and, with a glass in your hands, witness a cooking show of traditional Piedmontese cuisine. Don’t leave without having tasted the food that will be specifically prepared for you by a local chef who will reveal his cooking secrets while you comfortably sit at a table, tasting his creations.

Show cooking
Trekking nelle vigne

7. Hiking in the vineyards

Langhe means gentle vineyard-covered slopes and hiking trails with a wide variety of sceneries that ought to be explored while backpacking. This is an experience that involves all the senses, since losing oneself amongst the trails and the cru’s is not just a simple walk in the hills, it’s an excursion into flavor itself, where you can discover the beauty of the area and taste the protagonists of these lands: the wines. If you enjoy castles you should stop by Barolo, where you’ll find one of the most famous hamlets of the area. Its castle rises above the town telling over a thousand years of history. Inside you will be able to visit the WiMu, the museum that will allow you to discover wine through images, tastes, and emotions.

8. Yoga in the vineyards

When thinking of the Langhe, one imagines a land of wine and truffles, yet, every now and then, it’s necessary to think outside the box. In fact, you can devote even just an hour to yourself in order to relax and fully enjoy the beauty of these lands. Moreover, what better way is there to celebrate them if not by trying a yoga lesson in the vineyards, with a professional instructor? All that is left to do is breathe deeply and enjoy the peace of the senses.

Yoga nelle vigne
Barolo Experience

9. Barolo Experience

The art of tasting wine is ancient and refined and only by knowing the history of the land and its wines can true “intelligence of the palate” be reached. It is not enough to rotate a glass to be able to taste a Barolo DOCG in it’s entirety or to celebrate its essence. A deluxe tasting, after a tour of the vineyards and of the winery, will be able to accompany you step by step in your discovery of the true protagonists of this land.

10. Adopting a vineyard

Few areas possess as much beauty, charm, and history as the Langhe. In fact, there are many reasons for which to fall in love with this part of Piedmont, be they the genuine atmosphere, the enchanting landscapes, or the precious wines, the Langhe are always able to win over those who chose to visit, almost enticing them to remain here forever. If this is not possible, not all is lost. It is possible, in fact, to adopt a vine, a row, or even a vineyard in the land of his majesty Barolo, experiencing firsthand what it means to cultivate and produce one’s own wine.

Adozione di un vigneto

The Josetta Saffirio winery, which has been telling its story through its wines for over two centuries, organizes unforgettable events and activities for a weekend in the Langhe

All that’s left to do now is to pack your bags and come visit us in wine-country to drink, to eat, and to live authentic experiences.

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