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905, 2019

Wild herbs to pick during a relaxing weekend in the country along with locally-sourced recipes

May 9, 2019|0 Comments

Discover the benefits of this eco-sustainable activity and how to prepare delicious recipes with edible field herbs. Luvertin Frittata recipe > Quiche with wild herbs recipe > With the arrival of spring comes the need to embrace nature, break the weekly routine [...]

504, 2019

Winter work in the vineyards is a synonym for our love and respect for the land

April 5, 2019|0 Comments

Winter in the Langhe: sustainability, innovation and tradition in vineyard work With the arrival of spring we take up familiar habits; one of these is strolling among the vines in the sanctuary that is the Langhe. We're among the vines of the Josetta Saffirio [...]

803, 2019

The W factor in the World of Wine. Women are fast becoming the face of sustainable and ethical wine

March 8, 2019|0 Comments

Women have taken on a central role in the world of oenology, adding considerably to the value of the Made In Italy brand. Here are some first hand accounts from women in wine who talk of their experiences in the industry and their relationship with it. [...]

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